Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Hello to you random people who still seem to be visiting this blog.
I now have a new blog over at


It's bit of me and my musings, bit of animals, bit of food stuff, bit of house stuff, just whatever takes my fancy.

An update on Fox though. He is now completely retired. After battling for several years to get him sound both of us had had enough. He is happy and as sound as he'll ever be. Sometimes his lameness is noticeable, especially after he's been playing silly buggers, but most of the time he looks ok.

He is also a pretty happy chappy since being retired. I think he was just trying to tell me again and again with his intermittent unsoundness that he was done with the riding. Since I've stopped riding, he's better behaved, the cray cray has been dialed right down and as such our relationship has improved. He's much more likely to have a snuggle or point out his itchy spots now than he ever has been in the past.
Hanging out