Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Arrival

Smurf arrived late yesterday afternoon to lovely wind and rain. Not so fun for the horses but great for everything else.

They were running a bit late and Fox was a bit upset that I had pulled him away from his buddies and was running around and calling out. He eventually settled into grazing. It's been a while since he was in a paddock with grass worth eating. After what felt like an eternity, the float finally pulled up. Fox immediately lifted his head and called out to the new strange horse. Then he decided he needed to show off. So with his tail in the air he ran up and down showing everyone how pretty he was.

Smurf unloaded fine and was very curious looking around and smelling all the new things. I had split the paddock in half so they could get to know each other without any fights. Smurf pranced up to the fence line and they had a wee sniff. Fox had a wee squeal and then decided to show off some more. One of the ladies who had come with the owner was like 'that's the horse with the sore leg?' Ha ha put me to shame really. Luckily Smurfs owner could see his weirdness.

Contracts were signed. The owner gave me a hug with tears in her eyes. I told her I felt a bit mean but she said 'this is the best possible outcome for me, I'm really grateful.' I told her I would e-mail her as much as possible. She waved goodbye to her horse and pulled out of the drive.

It was hard to be properly happy as I really did feel for the poor girl. She is leaving the country tomorrow so maybe I can be happy then.


  1. "Houston, we have touchdown. I repeat, touchdown of all four Smurf hooves."
    "Roger that, command".

    I'm happy for you anyway:)

    Best of luck, many hooves make light work, er sumthin';)

  2. LOL thanks very muchly!!

    I am excited now. Just have to wait for the rain to finish

  3. That brought tears to my eyes... I was just thinking if I had to do that with my Dandy... I just remind myself that she's going blind and I start tearing up... I don't want to have to put her down at age 6 because she is running into stuff... I wish I could do something... :( Enjoy your new horse it should be fun!