Friday, June 25, 2010


I'm craving sunshine and riding Fox. Only problems are the weather won't cooperate we are getting more damn rain and my horse is still broken.

Called the chiro, she is now on maternity leave and apparently there is no one else who does quite what she does. Bit gutted. She is going to try and see if she knows anyone else that comes this way. She is back in October so I will still keep her in mind just in case.

There is another lady coming to look at Smurf sometime, another local thank goodness. It makes a big difference. Haven't worked out how I feel about the whole thing yet. A bit relieved, a bit sad and a bit anxious that he goes to the right person. He hasn't felt like my horse anytime since I've had him, I just want my Foxy back to be honest so it's probably for the best since the owner can no longer take him. I still wish she could and if I won lotto I would send him over there for her. And I never thought I would be able to say that! I guess it's Kind of like when you see an old boyfriend that you thought you would never get over. Then you see them and don't feel what you used to. It's good and bad.


  1. Oh, best of luck to finding a great home for Smurf! Could you wish us some up here?
    My situation neeeeds luck. Lots of it.

    Any spare down there, fire it up this way, please:)

    Just make sure you have enough for Foxy, first. Luck, I mean. Don't send luck you can't spare:)

  2. Thanks GL, I definately will send you more luck. I'm glad I'm not in your situation, though we do have some local dogs that lead pretty miserable lives that I keep an eye on.