Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bad Day

Fox was especially difficult today and I had an especially short fuse for some reason. As such, I lost my temper. No excuse.

I was trying to pick his feet out and put the copper sulphate for his thrush on. On and on and on it went with him evading and pulling his feet away. If he is sore he does have some kind of excuse I guess. But then he hurt my elbow and I started to get pissed. Then he tried to kick me and I lost it. He got a massive crack on the shoulder with the leadrope. He was better after that though. However, that's not the way I want to communicate with my horse.

I am really disappointed with myself, I normally have a huge amount of patience and I've only lost it with Fox once before this.

I was planning on going for a quick ride but that went out the window, I didn't think it was fair on either of us to ride him.

It's days like this that the thought of selling Fox crosses my mind. I never will but it would be so nice to have an easy go of things for once.

1 comment:

  1. don't forget you're only human! It's not possible to be perfect all the time, especially when you are being pushed to the limit. Everyone has off days - including Fox!