Thursday, September 10, 2009


Short term - from now till the end of summer

1. Get Fox on a float!! More than this really, get Fox consistently going on a float.
I think this will be my biggest challenge as it involves so many elements of training. Getting his groundwork and training his responses is really going to be key, as well as heaps of time and patience.

2. Get rid of his thrush
Keep persevering with the treatment. It needs to be done and it won't go away by ignoring it as much as I would like it too.

3. Work at least 4 times a week with Fox whether riding or groundwork.
This may have to wait for daylight savings but that's not too far away. I haven't decided on a riding/groundwork ratio yet. He needs a lot of work on the ground but I don't want to give up riding either.

4. Make a training program
Have a clear focused approach on what I want to improve and the ways in which to improve it for both Fox and I and both groundwork and riding.

5. Have fun over summer, no pressure.
Just that, have fun, go to the beach, the river, long hacks and hang out.

6. Go to a fun showjumping day
I know there is one in Jan/Feb that would be great to go to. Fox and I both love jumping and would be great to meet some more people.

7. Join local Adult Riding Club
Meet more people, do some different stuff and have some fun.

8. Go on a competitive trail ride for fun
I did one of these a couple of years back and loved it. Fox isn't the right kind of horse for it but as long as he's relatively fit we should be able to do the Training course.

9. Find an instructor
I have heard on the wind that there MAY be a classical dressage lady willing to come over this way and teach. That would be awesome but need to find out more. And need to find money to pay her LOL.

For next year

1. Compete in the Winter Dressage Series - all four
I did the first two this year before study got in the way and had a blast. Will have to make sure my study is a lot better planned next year.

2. Do some more eventing
Did one ODE this year and LOVED it. Fox and I had a blast! We had a terrible dressage but our show jumping was magic and once Fox figured out what he was doing with the Cross Country we had an amazing run.

3. Compete in the Winter Show Jumping Series - all four
This is new for this year but I couldn't make it due to study. Will really need to get that sorted for next year.

4. Have a crack at showing
I'm not sure that this is really my thing, but I want to have a go. Not sure whether Fox is a hack or a hunter, I prefer the idea of a hunter but if he's not that's cool. Will need to get a height certificate and learn heaps more about workouts and turnout and such.


  1. Goals! I love goals! They keep you focused and something to achieve.

    I think you have got some really good ones (especially the have fun and relax over summer one - too many people forget that just because they have a goal doesn't mean they always have to be working) that are a mix between easy and challenging, with good stepping stones between.

  2. Thanks. I'm all about goal setting at the moment whether it be about riding, study or just life in general. It definately works to keep me focused and then when I've acheived one I feel great!