Thursday, December 17, 2009


Last night I had a quick go at using some clicker training. I got Fox targeting his food bucket with no trouble LOL. So he touched the bucket, I clicked and dropped treats into it. We did it side to side, high, low, all over the place. I guess because that is something that Fox associates with good things already it was easy for him to make the connection. I tried a bit of getting him to target my hand, I probably should have gone to the car and got something else but never mind. It took a bit longer to associate touching the hand with getting treats. When he touched my hand, I clicked and dropped food in his bucket. Before he got his feed I also made him target my hand.

Our handwalk yesterday was not particularly pleasant. Fox kept wanting to eat. He would take a couple of steps then try and eat, a couple of steps and try and eat. It got very frustrating so tonight we're walking on the road! He was a lot calmer though so maybe this weekend I might brave a ride.

Another thing I have noticed is that Fox isn't particularly keen on being with me while I'm grooming or even massaging. He tries to pull back, stamps his feet and generally looks a bit pissed. Before, I passed it off as impatience but after reading all that stuff yesterday, it took on a new meaning. I think I will try some work at liberty using the clicker training and getting him wanting to be with me.

I'm really missing the long hacks we used to go on at the moment. Not the schooling or the jumping, just the nice relaxed walks we used to go on. Those times are the times of the most peace and happiness. When the joy seems to radiate from your soul. I know, that's a bit sappy but it's the best way I can think to describe it.


  1. Isn't clicker training fun? Sounds like he caught on fast.

    Where do you live that you have grass in December??

    How about trying some targeting on your walk? That might get him thinking about something other than the grass! I find old plastic bottle make excellent targets, as do horse brushes. A tennis ball on the end of a crop or stick works well as well! I actually use targeting to move horses from place to place with a lot of my youngsters before they are good at leading.

    Mary H.

  2. He did indeed! Smart cookie!

    I live in New Zealand. Normally summer is a bit dry but this year we've had heaps of rain so lots of grass!

    Good idea on the targeting while walking. Just have to work on my co-ordination LOL.

    Love your blog BTW just discovered it.