Friday, March 5, 2010


Autumn is here. Officially it started on March 1st but there are a few other signs. The light is changing. Autumn light around here gets a soft rich glow, especially in the mornings and evenings. The mornings are cold. Cold enough that I now wear track pants and a jersey to see Fox in the morning. Today I even had a puffer vest and merino headband on! But I am a complete wuss about the cold. But it warms up by about 9 and the days are still scorchers. Bring on the Indian Summer. We didn't really have much of a proper summer so I'm going to take all the sunshine I can get!

Fox is still improving. We are going for daily handwalks now that take about 20 minutes. Fox is loving getting out and about, he was getting a bit impatient about being stuck in his paddock. When I started walking him on the road I noticed a slight off beat to his walk rhythm but now that seems to be back to normal with a nice even four beat. His hip, stifle and hock seem to be moving freer. Not ready for any riding yet but the exercise is probably doing me good too!

So it looks as if what I'm doing is working and it's just going to take time. I am still unsure of exactly how sound he is going to end up though but I'm coping with that ok at the moment.

Have really enjoyed taking photos every day (see other blog Photo of the Day) but I haven't taken as many horsey pics as I would have liked. Though I do get a bit pushed for time some days!

With the daylight hours slowly dropping away my time is becoming more and more precious. Study is my main priority at the moment. I want to get more consistent grades then last year. I don't want another C+. Even though that is a pass, I know for me, if I get that grade then I haven't made much effort. Fox, the dogs, photography, yoga, my part time job and the house (renovations as well as cooking, cleaning etc) all vie for the rest of my time. My partner is working insanely hard at the moment so I hardly get to see him. When the pressure is on, sometimes it feels like life sucks. Responsibility sucks. But when I'm able to take a step back and have a look at my life. I'm pretty happy, I'm doing all the things that I enjoy. I've got goals and ambitions to work for. What more could anyone want? (Well quite a bit actually, but it's unlikely I'm going to win Lotto anytime soon!)

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