Monday, March 22, 2010

Smurf - The next decision

Well, I've finally been in contact with the owner who thankfully remembers me from the trekking place. I'm still annoyed that they sold Smurf to her but when I was riding him they were intending to keep him and I guess the timing was right for her. She is more than happy for me to have him but the catch is she wants a lease. At first glance this works out the best for me as I haven't any money put aside for a horse as I wasn't planning on getting one any time soon. The problem is she loves him so much that there is a very strong possibility that she will want him back. She is going to Oz for 6 months minimum. So I would have him for at least that long. But she might come back or she might end up shipping him over there.

So the next question is, can I face the heartbreak when she does want him back? Will having him for 6 months be worth it? So again I am in a place of complete confusion.


  1. I hate to influence people... but if this is your dream horse... I would say, go ahead and keep him for 6 months... you just keep reminding yourself that you are babysitting him and that you'll have to give him back, just like poeple do when they foster a horse for a rescue.

    I would at least ensure that I rode him for at least 6 months of my life, make it memorable!

  2. Thanks, thats where I'm leaning at the moment too. Six months is better than nothing!