Thursday, September 16, 2010

Updated Horsie Wish List

Leather bitless bridle for Fox - I'm still not sure what style I would like to go with as I'm not sure about the crossunder style for Fox. There's so many different types now!

Saddle for Fox - This could possibly be changed to getting a good saddle fitting as his topline is really starting to look good.

Proper equine first aid kit - Still need most stuff but I've got a few things

Rasp and hoof knife now I'm getting my head round trimming a bit more. Need a sharpener too.

Gloves 2x - one for trimming, one for riding

Wheel barrow - my current one is falling apart and is literally being held together with electric fence tape

Riding Lessons! - not quite yet but very soon.

I would love a proper tack shed and a paddock shelter but they are really just a dream since we don't own our own place yet. One day........

And if we're on the topic of dreams a float too!

We're in the process of getting hopefully a nice towing vehicle though the BF's ute does an ok job just round town.

Bareback pad - Lovely present from BF, looking forward to some good rides in it!
Chiropractor for Fox - No longer needed!!!!
Breastplate for Smurf - I got one, should probably sell it now I don't have the little guy.
Girth for Smurf - Ditto
Poo picking gloves - Simple things make an unpleasant experience so much better.

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