Thursday, October 15, 2009


I hate the damn things! I have four coming up for my course at the end of the month. Two on the same day even, the bastards!
As such I am not going to be getting much riding done as all my waking minutes seem to be studying but I will try and keep up with the groundwork. It's a shame because both Fox and I need to go out and ride. But afterwards I'll have all the time in the world. Until I need to find a summer job that is :(.

I'm trying to keep focused on my goals to keep myself motivated. Which isn't easy when the sun is shining outside. The dogs are clamoring for a walk and I can see my saddle from where I sit. Maybe I should hide it! I'm trying to get a Bachelor majoring in Psychology. I have to pass with B's to get my Masters after which I hope to do a postgrad in Clinical Psychology followed by several years of practice till eventuality...... I hope to open and run an Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Centre for young adults. Big dreams huh!

On to horse related stuff. we did some groundwork on Tuesday. Fox was so good. It's still surprising to me that he behaves. We played the friendly game which is being so helpful for him. He let me touch him pretty much everywhere, even inside his ears. We had a bit of a breakthrough when touching his nose too. He let me run my hand down to his nostrils and keep it there for about five seconds. It was brilliant. Simple things! He was a lot more relaxed. Just stood calmly, with only the occasional tail swish indicating resistance. His head was nice and level, a clear indication he was chilled as when he gets tense, the first thing that happens is his head comes up.

The Tellington-Jones book arrived back at the Library today so I'll be perusing that over the next few days. Hope to give you some feedback soon. From the quick flick through I had, it looks interesting. Not sure about that bit though. The shanks!! I couldn't see what inside the mouth looks like and I think the rein attached to them is supposed to be loose but still. They're pretty scary!

Onwards and upwards!!!

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  1. There's nothing like animals to keep us away from the books. My dogs are always begging for a walk, my horse wants attention, my tack needs cleaning, and heck, my favorite movies need watching.

    Good luck!