Friday, October 2, 2009


I've started doing some stretches with Fox. He really seems to enjoy them especially the front leg ones I do every morning. And as an added bonus, he doesn't mind his front feet being picked up any more.

I haven't had any time to ride this week. the weather has been rotten and we're going away for the weekend. Meanwhile Fox is getting fat in his paddock. Hopefully the worst of the weather has passed and next week I can rip back into riding.

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  1. Whoa, be careful 'rippin' back into riding! That sounds painful!! Hope you hada great weekend. My TB has always done stretches before competitions and he loves to get stretched out. When the farrier comes and he first puts his front hooves up on the jack stand, PI will stick his front leg straight out and wait for someone to help him stretch!! It's funny. He also stretches down in front with his rear in the air, much like a dog will do when they get up from a nap!
    I just wanted to also say I'm doing a free contest...details are on my blog