Thursday, October 15, 2009

Update on the fire

It turns out the fire was caused by some little punks smoking and drinking. Not the smartest thing to be doing in a hay barn!! The police know who they are but I am not sure how much can be done. Grrrrr.

The owners are also uninsured. They will rebuild but not sure when.

As mentioned in a previous comment I lost a bag of chaff, an old canvas cover and a neck cover that clips onto my light cover. It could have been worse though. Normally all my covers are in there but both the good ones were hanging over the gate in Fox's paddock due to some very inclement weather we've been having. So maybe only $100 worth lost instead of $500+.

We got there at about 10.15pm and the fire fighters didn't finish up till nearly 3am. The nature of a hay fire means the tiniest spark left in one single bale could reignite the whole thing. Every single bale needed to be pulled out and thoroughly doused to prevent any flare-ups. Good job fellas!

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