Friday, November 6, 2009

Guy Fawkes

I forgot all about Guy Fawkes last night till I heard the first fireworks go off. I hope everyone’s horsies got through it all ok!

I went to check on the horses at about 10.30. Fox and his pony friend were fine, though in the morning I saw Fox had a hole in his boot. I’m very glad he had them on otherwise it would have been a hole in his leg I think. I’ve had to fix it with good old duct tape for now.

I had to rescue one of the other horses who’s cover had got all tangled. She was running back and forth with the cover only around her neck and dragging underneath her. She was a very good girl though and stood pretty still for me to get it off. I checked her over as best I could but couldn’t see anything. She was also quite distressed as she was a ways from the other horses and I was a bit worried that another fright would send her into the fence. I called the owner of the facility as I didn’t have a number for the girl who owns her. He didn’t really seem that interested. A bit peeved that I had interrupted his sleep in fact. It was quite late when I called but that’s what you get when you own a boarding facility. I mean she was ok but I would have thought he would have called her owner to let her know. Initially I felt a bit bad and then I thought no, I did the right thing. It’s what I would have wanted someone to do for me if that was my horse. The owner thanked me in the morning.

One of the other horses had also done a bit of damage to a healing wound on her leg. Looks like the scab has come off so there was a bit of blood but nothing major. I didn’t see that till the morning.

Grrrrrr fireworks. I can’t wait till they’re banned!

Back to Fox. The swelling was up again in the afternoon but not nearly as much as it had been previously. The physio said it was looking really good and if the swelling is still down on Saturday I can give Fox some more room. She also said we should be able to start doing stuff soon. Yay!!!


  1. Hear, hear! Ban those stupid, destructive, waste of money fireworks! I am not looking forward to the weekend which will no doubt be full of firework explosions every night. Have a look at my blog for our experiences.

    Sometimes it would be great to live further away from town...

    Good to hear your boy is on the mend. Your physio sound great and I'm sure it won't be long before you are up and away again.

  2. Hey Sharon, had a look at your blog. Realised I've been reading it via the Eventing-A-Gogo site. Now a follower.

  3. I think I'm lucky that we don't generally have fireworks here! That said, this weekend there is a rodeo across the road and THAT is looking to have my horses interested in it. Thank god for decent fences.

    Glad that the swelling was down!

  4. Ugh... I used to love fireworks until I owned a horse.

    You know I would have wanted the BO to be out checking as you were doing to be honest! Nevermind you woke the BO up? Shoot... you're right it's their 'job' because you're paying them to worry about things like that. What if you hadn't noticed that mare and she stepped on the blanket tripped and broke something? Fireworks are very stressful for the ponies and any BO should be checking in when they're blasting off. Good on you for calling!