Friday, November 20, 2009

Injury Updates

Fox’s chest is healing well. He has had a mild infection but all under control with antibiotics. Only problem is he is still off his food so I have to make it into a paste and drench him which he hates! I get to take his stitches out tomorrow which should be interesting!

His leg on the other hand isn’t getting better. All the running around he has done with the week and a half of fireworks has really put our progress back and to make it worse, there is now quite a bit of filling in the other hind leg. Before the chest injury, things were progressing along so well so I’m super frustrated. It’s been about a month since he did the initial injury and he’s still confined to a smallish area and still no handwalking. I get to start Fox back on the homeopathic remedies that I had to stop while giving him others for his wound on Sunday. I’m hoping that will help things get back on track.

Fox has been ever so patient, he has started going to sleep when I hose him, it’s very cute. He has started enjoying my massages too. It took a while but now he relaxes and we get lots of nice yawns/releases.

I have been given the go ahead to move back to where I was before. There is plenty of grass now so management issues should be down to a minimum. I just have to get Fox on a float!


  1. Good to hear things are improving. What does the vet say about being off his feed, that is scary! Good luck on his recovery!

  2. He's still eating grass, just not his hard feed so he's not starving but it means he's not getting the supplements he should be.