Monday, November 23, 2009

New Horse

Well not really. But Fox has finally started to cheer up. His coat has got a bit of its shine back and his movement is fantastic! He is still off his feed so I'm going to try and get some funugreek which apparently helps. It is such a huge change from Saturday when he looked old and tired and sad. It was really worrying.

Good news, farrier agreed that barefoot is the best thing for him at the moment. If he does get worse there are some fancy schmancy pad things that work with the digital cushion to improve circulation but they are quite expensive.

And even better news, Fox has been cleared for light work! Yay! The filling in all four legs has really gone down in the last couple of days. Not sure what it is, the increased movement, the homeopathics, the equissage machine or a combination but whatever it is it's working.


  1. Glad to hear he will be shoeless! Increased movement will do wonders to get the internal structures healthy again.

    Give Fox a rub from us please!

  2. See comment on previous post about Shod vs barefoot...

  3. Thanks One Dandy Horse, great post. I'm becomming more and more determined to keep him barefoot.
    Will do Mrs Mom!