Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All Fixed

I've just had the guy out to sort Fox's stifle out. Went very well and I'm super pleased. Initially Fox danced around a wee bit and was very reactive when the guy found his sore spot. Which incidentally wasn't the stifle but just above at the point of his hip. He said it wasn't in it's socket properly and felt mushy around it. Which is consistent with Fox's very first accident when he crashed onto his left side popping that side out of place. The physio had said all that but not noticed or treated the out of joint hip. Fox stood like an angel when the guy got down to business. His leg got lifted up and kind of popped. Really hard to explain but it put the joint back into it's socket properly. Fox had no reaction to pressure around the area afterwards so hopefully all is well.

He's on Ruta (homeopathic remedy) for four days which will help with all the strain of his tendons and ligaments being in a different place all of a sudden. No work for a few days till the joint and surrounding tissue settles back into itself then light strengthening work on the ground is all good. I have to keep an eye on it to make sure it stays in place but fingers crossed!

So back to the energy healing, whilst the place she said wasn't exactly right it was pretty damn close. This lady is still learning which is why I'm getting the treatment cheap, Fox is her guinea pig. I feel like I'm in a tricky position, part of me really wants to believe and I do have evidence that something is going on. First of all was the relaxation of Fox's back end which let us find his sore point. Second is the fact that after the second lot of treatment, Fox let me pick up and hold his foot up with no problem at all. This is significant because that doesn't normally happen and I've been trying to decide if the reason he doesn't like his feet being picked up is because of pain or behavioural issues. What ever she did changed something. And lastly Fox loves it. All it looks like she is doing is standing there with her hand on various parts of his body but Fox relaxes completely, and has lots of releases in the form of yawning and licking and chewing. But part of me I guess is still a sceptic and I'm having a hard time attributing these things to the energy healing. Really it can't be anything else, I haven't done anything different apart from this but still.

In the next few days I will see how Fox improves and work out a new rehab schedule. Will include a lot more ground work I think and lots more handwalking before I get on again. But feeling good again, and Fox is a happy chappy so that's awesome.

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