Friday, February 12, 2010

The Black Dog

It has found me again.

After being so high after the healers visit, I've just sunk down into worry and stress and sadness.

We moved Fox and his paddock mate Al to some new grass last night. Normally Fox likes to have a good run round when he gets somewhere new and this paddock is lovely and big. He tried, he tried his little heart out but it is obviously hurting. He tried to canter and have a few bucks but he obviously couldn't. In the end he settled for a wonderful extended trot before settling down rather quickly to eat.

He's tracking up fine, there is no head bobbing lame, no heat, no swelling. He's just really really stiff. I'm hoping the Devils Claw will start making a difference and I will be bringing him some willow branches to munch on too.

I'm thinking all the same old thoughts again. What if it isn't fixable? What if I won't be able to ride him again? Will I have to retire him at the tender age of 14?

If the guy coming on Monday can't sort it out, I have a few more people I can try but I just want him to be better!


  1. Ahw! Best of luck... I have a mildly lame... well, I would call it stiff mare that is 16 years old. She can be ridden and we only use her for trails a few times a week in summer, she does seem to do better with exercise because she has arthritis... I am unsure of what ailment is affecting poor Fox, but I would love to be able to grab the pain, scrunch it up in a ball, throw it on the ground and stomp on it (and probably have Fox stomp on it too!). I did have health issues with my Dandy Girl and it is so frustrating sometimes!! Even the vet wasn't really sure what to give me, fortunately, it worked and she is doing ok now.

  2. Thanks guys. It's just so frustrating to have one thing after another!