Friday, May 21, 2010


Well I've been given the go ahead to move the boys to a different paddock, only problem is its on a slope and apparently that's not going to be good for Fox's back. I'm wondering if this may have contributed to his long recovery time as his previous paddock was also a slope and he would always do little slips.

I'm looking forward to there being some more grass for them, current paddock is getting very sparse! I'm also looking forward to having electric fencing again, YAY. Smurf is a nightmare with fences. It makes me very frustrated and honestly quite worried, he leans on them, goes through them, under them. Last night I found one of the fence poles has become wobbly, both horses are intact though so not sure what happened there.

I'm going to try and sweet talk the owner into letting me put Fox into the only flat paddock left. Fingers crossed that goes ok. Which means they will have separate paddocks which is both good and bad. It'll be nice to be able to feed them separately and Fox won't get chased anymore but on the downside, they are both used to being in with other horses. Fox tends to pace a bit when he's by himself. They'll still be able to see each other though and another horse is moving back soon too, so there'll be three of them. Which is really useful when I want to take just one out. Not sure how Smurf will go on his own, I hope he doesn't cause too much mischief!

I've got a few more exercises to try on Fox, and really need to start poles again. I may just lead him over them instead of lunge him, we'll play that one by ear I think! I've really got to start riding again, or riding Smurf and ponying Fox, it's been a while. But I've got exams coming up and I guess they are the first priority.

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