Thursday, May 20, 2010

Too Many Horses

Who knew that I would think two horses was too many. Not me that's for sure. I thought I would love having two horses to brush and love and ride. Well I don't.

It's not the cost, Smurf is a very cheap horse to run, if only Fox was that cheap then I would be having far less arguments with my boyfriend LOL. It's not the maintenance work, it only takes me 5 or so minutes more a day to do the feeding and mucking out. It's just the whole dynamic of the thing. I don't like dividing my attention, I don't like how Smurf chases Fox which means he's got a sore back again and some nice bite marks, I don't like feeling guilty about leaving one behind, I miss the one on one time I used to have.

So if I could give Smurf back tomorrow, I would. Very surprising. I am strictly a one horse woman LOL. Maybe if it was summer I might feel different or he was my only horse *sigh*. I thought about finding him a rider but that's not what his owner signed up for and I don't want anyone else working with Fox not that he's in a fit state for anyone else. I'm very torn, I want to give Smurf the best home possible while his owner is away but at the same I don't really want him there at all. And I don't feel I can give him back. I haven't even had him for a month yet which means five more to go. I'm hoping the owner calls for him sooner rather than later.

I've started a routine of massage and stretches with Fox again. I want to get that wee bit of soreness out of his back before I hop on again. If anyone knows any good exercises to strengthen where a horses back meets his butt let me know. That seems to be Fox's weak spot. I'm going to start going up the hill again with him, they were doing some logging up there so I had stopped but that all seems to be finished now. And poles which he really hates on a lunge so as soon as I can get him feeling fine I'll ride him over the poles.

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