Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh The Drama

Still raining, we also have snow on the hills and it is bloody freezing!

Went to check on the boys last night, purely with the intention of covering Smurf and chucking them their daily allocation of hay, that is all as I said it is bloody wet and freezing.

We pulled up to the paddocks and what did I see, a little grey horse, not where the little grey horse is supposed to be. Oh crap! Instead of being on the hill, he was in the paddock below Fox's. His paddock gate was still closed and the gate of the paddock he was in was open. So he hadn't been moved by a person. Oh crap!

Still from a distance, I analysed his movement, looked for patches of red. Nothing. My heart was racing as I ran up the laneway that felt a million miles long. Smurf stayed on the far side of the paddock, not letting me get a closer look. Then I saw the state of the fence of his proper paddock. It had totally been destroyed, there was wire everywhere. Oh crap! There is no way he managed to get through that unhurt. On top of that, in between that fence line and the laneway and other paddocks is a ditch. The wire had been dragged completely across the ditch. What the hell had happened!

Smurf let me get a bit closer but he was very skitterish, I eyeballed him all over. Nothing. What the hell? I waited till he had calmed a bit and ran my hands all over him. Nothing. What the hell? How on earth he got through that unscathed, I will never know! He was jumpy about me covering him, not too sure about anything. I threw him some hay and breathed a huge sigh of relief as he settled in to eat.

I'm going to give him another thorough going over again tonight in case I missed anything. I have no idea what made him do it, did he get a fright that made him go through the fence or was he being a monkey and trying to get through the fence and gave himself a fright in the process. I guess we will never know. I am just supremely grateful that he wasn't badly injured.

Land owner is NOT happy. But then, I did tell her that section of fence was unelectrified and that I would like it on.


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  1. Just discovered you - pretty horses! Scary fence incident - glad everyone is OK.