Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Well the little fellow is gone. I said good bye to him in the morning, gave him a big hug and a face scratch and had a wee cry. In the afternoon his new owner came to pick him up. He loaded and unloaded like a champ. He settled in quickly after putting on a show for his new buddy a tiny wee hairy pony. And that's that, down to one horse again.

Fox fretted for hours after Smurf had left. Up and down the fenceline, calling and calling. I found it quite distressing to watch so after working up the courage and writing the text three times, I asked the land owner if I could move him up with the other horses. She said no. At the time I was fuming mad but in hindsight the reason she gave me was perfectly valid, her horse is recovering from who knows what and she didn't want him running around. Then I had to go to work so I had to leave him. The land owner did after a while say she would keep an eye on him which she only had to look out her window to do, till it got dark which was only half an hour but hey that's something I guess.

It took Fox a few days to settle down properly but he seems back to normal now. It's nice being able to spend proper time with him and give him the attention he deserves.

He's looking like crap at the moment which is awful. He's been out of work for a year now so has no muscle or top line at all, and he's skinny which makes it even worse. He's getting a ton of food and is started to look a bit better now but still not good enough. I'm also working on yet another rehab programme. And I still have to call the physio. *Sigh* so much to do. And it's raining again.

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