Friday, August 20, 2010

Progress - I think

At the end of week 3, things seem to be progressing well. I'm sure Fox has finally started putting on weight. I was really worried for a while as nothing seemed to be happening so I de-wormed and started him on a low dose of Devils Claw again in case it was worms or pain that was causing him to stay skinny. The only other thing that I can think that could be contributing is anxiety/loneliness as he does not currently have a companion. Unfortunately I can't do anything about this at the moment. Grazing owner will most likely have another horse in quick smart as soon as the grass takes off though so hopefully won't have to wait too long.

According to my plan, I was supposed to get the physio out next week but I'm going to put it off for another week which means the start of September will be the start of my riding if everything goes well. And I think it is, Fox was running around again the other night and he looked strong and sure, just not very fit LOL. Feeling confident about his recovery is good and I really think having the plan laid out on paper (or on blog) really helps that. Though I have to learn not to stress if I can't do something on a particular day, it's not the end of the world!

The pole sessions are going well. I start with them all on the ground quite a distance from each other. We spend some time warming up over those then I put them close so he really has to engage then one pole goes up slightly. We only spend 20 minutes or so doing this as I don't want to push it at this early stage. And it's important, I think, to note that I'm not lunging him over the poles, I'm leading him. Circles at this stage are still too rough on a body like his, we've gotta build some strength before we can start circles.

Clicker training has been nonexistent. Previously I've just been using my mouth to make a clicking sound but it sounds similar to a sound I make to go so I didn't think that was a good idea. So I thought I would get a proper clicker. Could I find one. No. I'm weighing up the options of starting with my mouth again then using a clicker when I can get my hands on one. But I'm unsure of how the changeover would be. Would everything have to be relearned for the new clicker, or would Fox not care? Still mulling over this.

I have first dibs on the new grazing but the current lady, Smurf's new owner isn't moving out till probably the end of October now. That means we'd move in start of November and with November comes Guy Fawkes. Things were insane with fireworks where we are so I would probably leave him where he is until the end of November. Then I would have to move him out for a week over Christmas/New Year as there is always fire works around then. Or I can figure out a plan to get him used to them. But to be honest I'm a bit frightened about the whole thing after last year. Even at New Years when I knew he was in a place with no close fireworks, as soon as I heard them I felt quite anxious. My problem, not his. Apparently he was getting used to them by the end last year. Got a couple of months to figure it out yet though.

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