Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The e-mails

Fox and I jumping tiny crossrails (yes I know, the wrong way)

Here is what she had to say over a couple of e-mails.....

A very bad handler lady had him, he walked all over her and she was scared of him. this made him a very hard horse to handle. 17hh of missunderstanding coming at you.Came to me as he was too dangerous, Just did not understand the rules of engagement. Would attack when he was challenged and was Confussed about people, his face would be hit at every time he came in contact with people.It didnt take long to turn the corner I gave him strict rules and lots of touching,lunged him in a round pen, got him to back off me as I asked, and come in to me when I wanted him.retrained him under saddle and remouthed him.

fox had not been handled well prior to him coming out to me, The owner was very scared of him and he would be sedated every time she went riding or had his feet done or floated or groomed. she would call the local vet and he would go to her with sedative. When I brought him I was given 3 tubes of sedative APC which is illegal now. It came with him. I never used it,

Aaaah that explains so much. Thanks for telling me before I bought Fox.

Headshyness – Check (though that only was a major problem for me when Fox was ill, most of the time he is fine)

Dislike of vets – Check

Aggression when lunged – Check

General pushyness on the ground – Check

Trust issues - Check

Obviously I was upset that she hadn’t told me. I would have probably bought Fox anyway but I would have been much better prepared for the type of horse I was dealing with. I was so sure that I had asked all the right questions, he had been checked out by some very knowledgeable horse people but this is stuff that you can’t find out unless the seller discloses everything.

Don’t get me wrong, the seller cares a lot for Fox and is very glad I have him. We are still in contact and I e-mail her updates on Fox. But I wish she had told me.

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