Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Fox on a miserable day last year
(I'm having to use old photos as my USB cable has ben stolen by my parter for his PS3 and now he's gone and lent it to his friend grrr)

We had a major storm last night. We got hit with everything, wind, driving rain, thunder and lightening. I spent half the night worrying about Fox and thinking this is a time when it would be really nice to have a warm, dry, safe stable to put my monster in.
Of course when I got there this morning he was fine, but still I'm sure every horse owner can relate to the worry. It's still pretty windy today but the rain seems to have cleared off which Fox seems thankful for as it means he can be naked again.

He was fully uncovered by September last year so I'm hoping it'll only be a couple more weeks before I can leave his cover off for good. He's still a bit on the light side so covering at night seems to still be a good option till he's put on a little more weight.

I'm hoping I'm going to be able to start riding again next week but after all this learning I've been doing, I think that is going to need a whole overhaul as well. Some of the things I've been doing I don't think are quite right. And now that there are no competitions that I can actually do, there is no pressure and we can start from scratch and work on this trust based training in the saddle too.

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