Friday, August 28, 2009


I like to think I don't drink the koolade of anyone. That is that I don't get hooked on one way or think this one person is the be all and end all of training. I want a more eclectic base for my training. Take a little of this and a little of that and see what happens.

For example I will be starting to work through the 7 Parelli games with Fox. I think these will all be benificial for him and his trust, touching and respect issues. But at the same time I'm not going to stop riding my horse and do purely groundwork. I like riding and Fox I think enjoys being ridden. I'm also not going to stop talking to my horse. I know some people say its a big no-no but I like telling my horse he's a good boy. And I'm not going to be buying some fancy schmancy carrot stick when I'm sure my dressage whip will do just fine.

I've got all these things I'm itching to try but time and weather seem to be against me at the moment. I realised that it's been nearly a month since I had my bum in a saddle (even longer since I've been in Fox's saddle) and I've not even had time to give Fox a good groom this week. Bad me. I am still picking his feet up every day though but now Fox has thrush so I'm worried that me treating it will put our progress back a few step.

I've posted some links on my blog now. These are all blogs or websites that I've found hugely helpful.

Mugwump Chronicles - Good sense training techniques and wonderful stories.

Horsetalk Forums - Lots of wonderful people dispensing advice on a multitude of topics.

I Will Jump Sweet Jumps - Great insight to a showjumpers world and some good jumping tips.

Eventing-A-Gogo - Not so much training as such but gives some hints and I really enjoy following Andrea's progress. Go the barefeet!!!

FHOTD - Learned so much about conformation and breeding from her early posts, not so much now but credit given where credit is due.

Go-Lightly Fiction - Interesting perspective on riding and the horse world.

The Barb Wire - The way she trains her horses seems to be similar to what I want to acheive.

Horseproblems Australia - This guy has some good articles and tips. Keen to try his float loading technique.

Glenshee Equestrian Centre - Some really good tips and stories.

Enlightened Horsemanship - Interesting news articles and training theories. Will be doing a bit of research into this T-Touch stuff but this could be bordering on a kool-aid thing I'm thinking. Also love her motto which is 'Mindfulness in horsemanship'.

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  1. Oh God. PLEASE tell me if you think I'm approaching the Kool Aid stage with my blog. I"m not kidding. I just accused the Parelli followers of the same thing. I most emphatically do not want to be like that. I'm glad you like the mindfulness angle. I walk a fine line between turning people off with the mindfulness and using too much TTouch. I"d really appreciate your honest feedback.