Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cotton Wool

Ha this is my fiftieth post!

I've decided to just get out there and do it. After this weekend, my social and academic calendar slow down for a bit and in a week or so, my work may slow down too. Bills should all be paid this week which leaves money free for Fox's physio, yay! So next week it is all on!

I have a horse who is sound at the moment, why am I not riding him? Time is not an excuse though I have been incredibly busy. In the past I have always made time. My theory is it's the Cotton Wool Factor. Fox's legs, DJD, chest wound and back/pelvis have all hammered my belief in my strong seemingly untouchable boy. Sure he was crazy, but his body has always been sound. Now I want to protect him, coddle him, make sure nothing bad happens to him.

It's rubbish really. It's time to get over myself. Fox likes getting out and about just as much as I do. It's probably doing more harm than good having him sitting in the paddock doing nothing. Sure he has a few creaks, but he isn't sore, I am 100% certain his legs now look the same as they always have, whether that is good or bad, his chest has healed up really well. I have no more excuses.

Sure we might not be able to do amazing schooling or flying over jumps, but we sure can go for some nice rides. Keep it slow and steady. Start having some fun again!


  1. Great idea! I always thought it was better for them to be out doing something rather than standing around all day.

    Good luck!